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Double Commander For Mac Os


Another way to quickly find out where is located the doublecmd.xml the current instance of Double Commander is using is by accessing the Directory Hotlist. At the end of it there is a sub section called "Special Dirs". Then we select "Go to Double Commander special path" and then "%DC_CONFIG_PATH%". We will find there the doublecmd.xml that application is currently using.

We simply click from the main menu bar Configuration > Options and the various settings we'll configured there will be saved to the doublecmd.xml file when we close the application. Then, they will be restored on the next usage of the application.

WARNING: We will not edit that file WHILE Double Commander is running! Not only because anyway their values are read only when we're starting the application, but also because if we edited the file while DC is running, when we'll close the application the values we would have wrote will be overwritten by the application re-saving its current context for next session. If we need to edit the doublecmd.xml file, we need to make sure we close Double Commander, then we edit file, and then we re-launch the application.

In this article we are going to learn How to install Doublecmd double commander Linux file manager in Ubuntu 16.04. Doublecmd is a open source file manager for Linux. doublecmd double commander app was developed by Alexander Koblov and released under GNU GPLv2 license. This application is divided in to two panels with same view and same content. You can use both of the panels at same time to do multiple tasks at once. doublecmd Linux file manager developed by taking inspiration from Total commander but it has some extra and more advance features.

X File Explorer (XFE) is a fast and compact commander like file manager based on X Win Commander whose development has been discontinued for one reason or the other, originally developed by Maxim Baranov. 1e1e36bf2d

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