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101 Tricks With A Svengali Deck Pdf Download


101 Tricks with a Svengali Deck PDF Download

If you are looking for a way to amaze your friends and family with some easy and impressive card magic, then you need a Svengali deck. A Svengali deck is a special deck of cards that allows you to perform hundreds of different tricks with minimal skill and practice. In this article, you will learn what a Svengali deck is, how it works, and where to get a free PDF download of 101 tricks with a Svengali deck.

What is a Svengali Deck

A Svengali deck is a trick deck of cards that consists of 26 normal cards and 26 shortened cards that are all the same, such as the Ace of Spades. The shortened cards are slightly shorter than the normal cards, so they can be hidden or revealed by applying different pressure or angles when handling the deck. The Svengali deck was invented by Burling Hull and marketed by WD LeRoy in 1909, and it has become one of the most popular and classic trick decks in magic history.

How Does a Svengali Deck Work

The Svengali deck works by creating two different effects depending on how you riffle or fan the cards. When you riffle the cards from the top to the bottom, you will only see the normal cards, making the deck appear ordinary. When you riffle the cards from the bottom to the top, you will only see the shortened cards, making the deck appear to be all the same card. You can also fan the cards in different ways to show either all different or all same cards.

With these simple principles, you can perform many amazing tricks with a Svengali deck. For example, you can have a spectator freely choose a card from the deck, show it around, and put it back anywhere in the deck. Then, you can make their card jump to the top of the deck, appear at any number they name, or change the entire deck into their card. You can also use the Svengali deck to force a card on a spectator, which means making them choose a specific card without them knowing it.

Where to Get a Free PDF Download of 101 Tricks with a Svengali Deck

If you want to learn more tricks with a Svengali deck, you can download a free PDF of 101 tricks with a Svengali deck from this link: This PDF contains detailed instructions and illustrations for 101 easy and amazing tricks that you can do with any Svengali deck. You will learn how to make cards vanish, reappear, change color, multiply, transpose, and much more.

A Svengali deck is a great tool for any beginner or professional magician who wants to perform stunning card magic with minimal effort. With this free PDF download of 101 tricks with a Svengali deck, you will have enough material to entertain and impress any audience. Download your copy today and start practicing your magic skills!

Some Tricks with a Svengali Deck

Now that you know the basics of how a Svengali deck works, you can try some of these tricks to amaze your audience. Remember to practice your shuffling and handling skills before performing, and always keep the deck hidden from the spectators' view.

Trick 1: The Card Prediction

This trick will make it seem like you can predict the card that a spectator will choose. You will need a piece of paper and a pen, as well as your Svengali deck.

Before you perform, write down the name of the duplicate card on the paper and fold it. For example, if your duplicate card is the Ace of Spades, write "Ace of Spades" on the paper.

Put the paper in your pocket or somewhere else where you can easily reach it later.

Show the deck to the spectator and riffle it from top to bottom, showing that it contains different cards.

Ask the spectator to cut the deck anywhere they want and look at the card they cut to. This will be the duplicate card.

Have them put the card back on top of the deck and square it up.

Tell them that you have made a prediction before you started and that it is in your pocket.

Reach into your pocket and take out the folded paper. Hand it to the spectator and ask them to open it and

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