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Birth Time Rectification Software Free Download


In the case of this gentleman the birth time was not recorded properly and it was told to me that it could be anywhere between 01:00 a.m. to 02:00 a.m. in the night. Now if we cast the birth chart using the time as 02:00 a.m. then Pisces (Meena) is the rising sign at the ascendant. However, if we take the birth time as 01:00 a.m. then the ascendant would be Aquarius (Kumbha).

In this case if we cast the birth chart with the given birth time of 17:30 hours then we get Leo ascendant and Taurus Navamsha. I got this chart for making the prediction of marriage. The young lady was still bachelor even after completing the age of 44 years. The Leo lagan chart with Taurus Navamsha was not confirming this. In Rashi chart the lagna lord Sun in the 7th house receiving the aspect of Saturn shows delay in marriage but not such stage where she would have remained unmarried till the age of 44 year. If we take the Taurus Navamsha then the 7th lord Mars in the 4th house receiving the aspect of Jupiter would have got her married with some delay only. Her Mercury Maha dasha in Vimshottair was started in December 2003. Had it been Taurus Navamsha then she would have got married around that time of the start of Mercury dasha which is well placed in the Navamsha chart.

Now change her birth time to 17:22 hours and you will find Aries rising at the ascendant of Navamsha chart. In Aries Navamsha the malefic planets Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are in the Kendra. The 7th lord Venus is debilitated in the 6th house receiving the aspect of Saturn showing delay in marriage. When the Saturn influences the 7th house and/or its lord in both Rashi and Navamsha charts then it gives lots of delay or even denial in getting the marital happiness.

Now decide which could be his correct ascendant Cancer or Gemini As per my humble knowledge it could be Gemini as from here only we can astrologically justify the disaster and court cases during the maha dasha of Mars which is badly placed in the 12th house of losses. The readers may cast all the relevant divisional horoscopes and study his life event in the context of rectifying his birth time.

2) You need to be careful when dealing with summer births and birth times off birth certificates. In Pennsylvania, standard time is written on birth certificates year round. for ex, if you are born in august at 6 am, your birth certificate will read 5 am (someone told me there was no clarification that this is STANDARD time not DST). So if you use a computer program, you must add one hour to the time on the birth certificate in order for the correct chart to appear. For summer births, i always ask where they got the info (from parents or certificate and then cross check the two)

3) one of the cool things about the astrodatabank software was the ability to do searches (like all people with mars on the asc). Is this possible on, because I cant find it. I know they say they cant even give the software for free cause of font licensning, etc. but it could be cool if they gave it away to someone who could mod it and make it up to date or replace the fonts. It doesnt work on my windows 7.

Rectify your birth time by Saptarishis Astrology Panel. Apart from traditional methods of birth time rectification, they would be using Bhrighu astrology and Nadi Astrology methods to rectify your birth time to the minute

3) Send an email to with a cc to quoting in subject line your order no for eg "Order No 2015-5019 Birth Time Rectification of Ms Julie Patterson/Mr Rakesh Tiwari

4) Mention in the email all your birth details [Day Month - Jan Feb etc Year, birth time in 24 hour format, city of birth, state of birth and country of Birth ] including source of birth time information

7) After your email is sent, you would be given a appointed date and time for a skype video conference call. The date given can be changed twice by you in case you miss it or you can g

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