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Kitab Ilmu Gaib Pdf 13

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Kitab Ilmu Gaib Pdf 13: A Collection of Mystical Teachings and Prayers

Kitab Ilmu Gaib Pdf 13 is a document that contains various mystical teachings and prayers from different sources, such as Kitab Futuhul Ghaib by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani, a famous Sufi master and founder of the Qadiriyya order[^1^]. The document also includes some poems and verses composed by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani himself.

The document is available online on Scribd[^2^] [^3^], a platform for reading and publishing documents. It can be downloaded for free or read online. The document is written in Arabic, with some Indonesian translations. It has 13 pages and covers topics such as the attributes of Allah, the secrets of the unseen, the virtues of dhikr (remembrance of Allah), the benefits of du'a (supplication), and the methods of spiritual purification.

The document is intended for those who seek to increase their knowledge and faith in Allah, and to attain closeness to Him through mystical practices. The document also provides guidance on how to deal with difficulties and hardships in life, by relying on Allah's mercy and power. The document is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in Islamic mysticism and spirituality.

One of the sources of Kitab Ilmu Gaib Pdf 13 is Kitab Futuhul Ghaib, a book that contains 78 discourses or maqalah (advice) from Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani. The book is widely known and studied among the followers of the Qadiriyya order and some students of Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia. The book reveals the hidden realities of the unseen world and the secrets of attaining spiritual excellence.

Some of the topics discussed in Kitab Futuhul Ghaib are: the meaning of tawhid (the oneness of Allah), the levels of iman (faith), the signs of hypocrisy, the dangers of riya' (showing off), the importance of sincerity, the etiquette of seeking knowledge, the qualities of a true believer, the role of a spiritual guide, the stages of the soul, the benefits of fasting, the rewards of charity, the effects of gratitude, and the power of patience.

Another source of Kitab Ilmu Gaib Pdf 13 is a collection of poems and verses composed by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani himself. These poems and verses express his love and devotion to Allah, his praise and admiration for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his humility and repentance for his sins, his longing and yearning for the divine presence, his joy and ecstasy in witnessing the beauty of Allah, and his advice and guidance for his followers.

Some examples of these poems and verses are: "O Allah, You are my Lord and I am Your servant. You are my Master and I am Your slave. You are my King and I am Your subject. You are my Creator and I am Your creature. You are my Beloved and I am Your lover.", "O Muhammad, you are the best of creation. You are the light of guidance. You are the mercy for all worlds. You are the leader of the prophets. You are the intercessor for your nation.", "O my soul, repent to your Lord before it is too late. O my soul, purify yourself from your faults before you meet your fate. O my soul, remember your Lord before you forget. O my soul, love your Lord before you regret.", "O my heart, do not be attached to anything but Allah. O my heart, do not be distracted by anything but Allah. O my heart, do not be satisfied with anything but Allah. O my heart, do not be content with anything but Allah.", "O my friends, follow me to the path of Allah. O my friends, join me in the love of Allah. O my friends, accompany me in the service of Allah. O my friends, support me in the obedience of Allah." 9160f4acd4

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