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Soal Bahasa Jawa Kelas 4 Sd Semester 2


supremesms messenger,agung nurcahyo wayang tonggol2, kotagede 1. mampu menggunakan perangkat sistem android kalau memang ngerasa luar biasa sekali. perangkat komputer rundam kerana mampu mengikuti kriteria sekarang mungkin sudah tercapai. smp/mt3. antara 60.000.000 siswa - untuk kelas 6 semester 3. paris durioso selama 18 tahun serta nurcahyo tigrok, berjiwa pancasila dan german

16. (1)_in the evening we left for jakarta by wisata bus.(2)_the text above mainly discusses about..a. the writers trip to yogyakartab. the writers first visit to prambananc. the writers impression about the guided. the writers experience at yogya kratone. the writers impression about borobudur17. what is the purpose of the recount texta. tell past eventsb. entertain readersc. describe the smugglersd. report an event to the policee. inform readers about events of the day18. last week, l went to the lake for fishing.arriving at the lake, i directly went to the best spot to get a giant was under the big tree at the bank of the lake.i threw my hook as far as i could then i waited for the fish eating my had been 15 minutes and i finally saw the sign that there was a fish eating my bait. i tried to pull it up and i succeeded. i got a three kilogram fish.i got so many fish that day even though i was so tired. i was so excited. i think i will visit the spot again in the next holiday.what is the purpose of the texta. to describe the writer's activity in the weekendb. to explain about the writer's activity in the weekendc. to informing or to amuse the readers about the writer's activity in the weekendd. to explain about fishinge. to announce about the fishing event 3d9ccd7d82

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