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Unravel __TOP__ Crack

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Unlike pure metals, it has long been known that load-bearing materials, like steel, brass and alloys of aluminum or magnesium, have different mechanical properties in different directions. Now, Texas A&M University researchers have found that under extreme tension, this asymmetry causes load-bearing materials to deteriorate internally and, over time, develop visible cracks.

The prevalent view of the cause of this type of crack, known technically as shear fracture, has been porosity softening. According to this theory, damaging stress creates empty spaces or voids within the metal alloy, resembling holes in cheese. Under constant tension, these voids grow and join, at which point cracks form and the metal fails. However, the mechanisms that cause the voids to grow have remained murky.

About 80 miles (130km) north of Maui, Hawaii, a small fleet of robots has for the past few days been collecting samples of ocean microbes in an eddy about 70 miles (110km) wide, spinning counterclockwise in the North Pacific Ocean. This Thursday, the vehicles will be recovered and cracked open, their cartridges removed and the filters containing the samples taken out for later analysis, including whole genome sequencing.

Shinkai 6500 found a crack in the Japan Trench off the Pacific coast of the Tohoku Region, which may have been caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Photo: August 2011 at a depth of 5.3 km. JAMSTEC

At the bottom of the sea about 200 km off the coast of Japan's Tohoku region in the northeast, there is a boundary of the plates called the Japan Trench, which is like a huge underwater valley. The Japan Trench is 8 km beneath the sea, at its greatest depth, and about 800 km long from north to south. The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred near this region. Shinkai 6500 is a Japanese manned research submersible and it has the world's deepest diving capability. Five months after the earthquake, Shinkai 6500 dived 5.3 km beneath the sea and found a huge crack at the bottom of the sea. The crack is believed to have been caused by the huge earthquake.

Chikyu is a scientific drilling vessel capable of boring - for the first time in the history - up to the mantle layer as well as at plate boundaries where gigantic earthquakes are caused. Diverting technology originally developed for oil drilling to scientific purposes, the vessel can drill up to 7.5 km below the seabed that is 2.5 km underwater, keeping the drilled hole as it is without damage, which is the most advanced technology in the world. Chikyu will begin drilling in the coming fall off the southeastern Pacific coast of Japan aiming to reach the plate boundary 7 km beneath the seabed. This place is called the Nankai Trough and is believed to be a nest for major earthquakes that happen at an interval of 100 to 150 years. No one has ever seen so deep beneath the earth's crust. What sorts of earthquakes happened in the past Researchers from 25 countries will join the research to try to unravel the mystery of how earthquakes happen.

The reason for the unfortunate unraveling isn't always the result of a defective cigar. While it's impossible to pinpoint the exact reason without knowing the full details, we can offer a few likely culprits. The first, and most common cause, is a dry cigar. This occurs when your humidor or your tobacconist's humidor is not humidified correctly, which is somewhere between 68 percent and 72 percent.

It might also be a good idea to get in the habit of testing the cigar before you fire it up. Many cigar enthusiasts will gently roll their cigar in their fingertips and listen for a crackle. That crackle sound, which is aki

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