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Limba Romana Manual Pentru Studentii Straini.pdf

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Limba Romana Manual Pentru Studentii Straini.pdf: A Useful Resource for Learning Romanian

If you are interested in learning Romanian as a foreign language, you might want to check out the manual Limba Romana Manual Pentru Studentii Straini.pdf, which is available online for free. This manual was published by the Ministry of Education and Teaching in 1982 and was designed for students who attend preparatory courses in Romanian at the University of Bucharest.

The manual covers the basic aspects of contemporary Romanian language, such as phonetics (pronunciation and spelling), vocabulary (basic words, semantic fields, derivation), grammar (morphemic structures, syntactic combinations, word order), and phraseology. The material is organized in units that correspond to elementary communicative situations, such as greetings, introductions, asking and giving information, expressing opinions, etc. Each unit includes texts, exercises, and audio recordings that help the learner practice the language actively and progressively.

The manual is based on modern and traditional methodological principles that aim to develop the functional use of the language and to reach the level of independent user. It also prepares the learner for taking a Romanian language exam, if needed. The manual is suitable for learners who have completed levels A1-A2 in a formal educational setting, who have some basic knowledge acquired in an informal setting, or who want to systematize and expand their knowledge.

The manual can be downloaded from this link, where you can also read it online. You can also find a summary of the manual in this document. If you want to learn more about Romanian language courses for foreigners, you can visit this website.Here is a possible continuation of the article:

Learning Romanian can be a rewarding experience, as it is a rich and expressive language that belongs to the Romance family. Romanian has many words and expressions that reflect the culture and history of the people who speak it. It also has some unique features, such as the definite article attached to the end of the noun, the preservation of the Latin case system for pronouns, and the use of the subjunctive mood in many contexts.

If you want to learn Romanian for personal or professional reasons, you can benefit from using Limba Romana Manual Pentru Studentii Straini.pdf as a guide and a reference. The manual will help you acquire the basic skills and knowledge that you need to communicate effectively in Romanian. You will also be able to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the Romanian language and literature. 9160f4acd4

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